Best Ruby Websites with High Traffic On Rails

Ruby Websites with High Traffic

A ruby website is a sort of net utility that makes use of Ruby as its programming language. Its improvement follows the model-view-controller (MVC) layout pattern, which separates the one-of-a-kind elements of ways an internet utility works.

Ruby websites are usually used to construct complicated Websites with High Traffic with an excessive diploma of flexibility. They also can be used to create CMSs that permit customers to create and edit content material online.

These are a few nice Ruby websites:

Ruby Websites

1) Twitter

The social and information online networking web page become roulette casino created through the usage of RoR. Twitter used RoR whilst it become first introduced for preliminary release in 2004. The web page then modified its backend programs toward Java and Scala because of scalability issues. Twitter did now no longer abandon RoR for its user-interface layer or front-end.

2.) Shopify

The maximum widely-used e-trade platform uses RoR to hurry up net shop improvement. Shopify permits builders to get the right of entry to diverse programs and libraries primarily based totally on RoR. For instance, builders can employ RoR’s Rails Engine or generators, to broaden RoR programs that use the Shopify API. Shopify additionally highlights one-of-a-kind elements that are a part of the POS App SDK through publishing a POS app that makes use of RoR.

3) Basecamp

The net-primarily based totally device for dealing with tasks has developed constantly to assist customers to manipulate complicated and big tasks with ease. Basecamp first evolved RoR as an open-supply net utility framework that become supposed for inner use. It becomes additionally constructed the usage of RoR previous to its industrial release in 2004.

4) Hulu

The highly famous subscription-primarily based totally on video-on-call for become created the usage of RoR. However, the internet site makes use of numerous net frameworks for front-ends at the side you. It makes use of RoR as its backend.

5.) Internet Yellow Pages

It is one of the nice Ruby websites. The enterprise listing online becomes to start with evolved through builders the usage of RoR as an internet-primarily based totally utility. It is presently one of the most important websites created for the usage of RoR.

6) GitHub

The net-primarily based totally web website hosting platform to manipulate model manipulate is being used by hundreds of thousands of programmers on a regular foundation to percentage and shop pc code. GitHub is some of the maximum famous websites first created the usage of RoR. It remains structured upon RoR programs to address many requests unexpectedly and efficiently.

7) SlideShare

SlideShare, a slide web website hosting provider on the net, is some of the maxima visited web websites with over a hundred million visits. SlideShare become first created the usage of RoR withinside the yr 2006. The internet site is accessed by extra than 8 million humans regularly.

8) Urban Dictionary

At first, Urban Dictionary becomes evolved as an internet dictionary that contained cultural and slang terms. However, it has in view that been elevated to consist of terms and phrases utilized in different dictionaries. The web page become created with RoR in 2009 to create an internet challenge that become crowdsourced. Today, Urban Dictionary has over 18 million particular customers throughout the globe.

9) Airbnb

The majority of humans nowadays depend on the market for network individuals for reserving and renting accommodation. Airbnb makes use of RoR as its charge system. However, it employs skilled software program designers to make bills extra correct and safely, through addressing numerous of the principle weaknesses of the net-primarily based totally framework.

10) Groupon

Today, many humans sign on to Groupon to get statistics on nearby products, and offerings in addition to activities and offers. Groupon used RoR as its front end. The organization later modified RoR in choose of NodeJS to manipulate extranet site visitors effectively.

Overall, Ruby on Rails is in use through many net websites which are highly trafficked. Ruby on Rails builders can employ this net-primarily based totally framework that allows you to create several websites and net-primarily based totally apps. However, the programmers have to weigh their personal professionals and cons for Ruby on Rails primarily based totally on the precise necessities of every challenge to broaden websites that are customized and constructed speedily and effectively.

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